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Please accept our sympathies if you
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Our Probate Valuation Service

Town or Country provide a prompt, efficient and compassionate service for executors.  Our assessors have over 30 years experience and their
regular involvement in the market regularly updates their knowledge of values and trends.

We supply valuations for professionals such as law firms and bank executors. The information is supplied in the same format as that used by
HM Revenue and Customs (see example below) and gives a valuation which will accurately reflect the items "open market" worth as it stood at
the date of death. Where there are items with nil value, because they don’t comply with regulations etc, we will state this on the valuation.

In addition there will be a separate folder containing a brief description so each item can be identified, including details of any damage, or other
mitigating factors which may affect the valuation. Colour photos - (pictures help with the distribution of the estate), and a Glossary of terms.
Why have a valuation?

Unfortunately the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) expect all taxes to be paid - that includes those from deceased estates. Probate
valuations are required in order to provide the executors of a deceased’s estate with an accurate idea of the value of the contents of a
property. It details all items belonging to the deceased from basic household items such as kettles and furniture to ornamental items, jewellery,
etc., and gives their individual values.

This could help prove that further taxes ( ie inheritance tax) may not be payable.

A valuation is a useful tool in identifying items that have been specifically bequeathed for family members. It can help with determining the fair
split of remaining asset value between beneficiaries.    Alternatively, the residual estate may be required to be sold and the Probate Valuation
can provide a good basis for negotiation if selling by private treaty or even considering auction.
Please enter your details on the contact form or call 0800 9883209 to arrange a probate valuation.
Our service does not end with the valuation.

Our reputation shows we offer a prompt, efficient and compassionate service for executors.   

We supervise the provision of the services offered below as our reputation depends on it and the client has only to deal with one contact and
receives only one invoice.

On request we can organise and supervise the safe delivery of bequeathed items.

We will identify more valuable items and ensure each item is placed where it will achieve the best price to maximise the benefit to the estate.
We will remove any items required to be sold and arrange their delivery to an auction house or specialist dealer.

We will give a written binding quote for and also undertake the complete clearance of all the residual items in the property. CLICK HERE TO

Cleaning of the deceased’s property ( by specialist teams )  ready for it to be placed on the market.

We can drain central heating and water tanks to prevent pipe bursts, or de-comission water services entirely.
We can isolate all electrical systems and change the locks thereby securing the premises. All important to protect a property likely to be empty
for a while.
To achieve this we offer the services of a plumber, electrician, CORGI gas engineer, and locksmith.

We can organise a one off garden tidy up and even regular maintenance until the property is sold.

Our aim is to make the whole process as stress free as possible.
The term ‘probate’ refers to the process by which the affairs of a deceased individual are settled.
Primarily, the probate process focuses on the distribution of the assets contained in the deceased’s estate.
Do I Need a Professional Valuation?

To some extent this depends on the size of the estate but since 2005 the need for an accurate Probate Valuation became more important as
HMRC insists more definitely that when determining the Value of Assets in a Deceased Estate the figure for Chattels ( this includes seemingly
minor things like basic household goods as well as Antique furniture, Jewelery,  Silver, Pictures etc ) must be reasonably accurate. Now a
Probate valuation has to have an "Open Market Value" - that is the value it may have when being sold in a loosely described "mid - level"
second hand environment.

Executors and Beneficiaries are permitted to estimate the value themselves but the figure has to be as accurate as possible and HMRC can
question the figures and appoint Independent Valuers to reassess.  If Antique Valuations are deemed to be sufficiently inaccurate, Estates can
be penalised by having fines levied against them, causing extra costs and delay for Beneficiaries.
The basis for valuation within this report is “Open Market Value”.
The monetary unit for values is Pounds rounded down to the nearest pound.
Photographs will be taken for items with a value of £500 or more and kept for reference.
Where estimates cover a range we err towards a middle position.
Where no value is attributed then reasons are given.  Where items have a poor condition, or there are mitigating factors for a low value, they will be itemised.
To assist items have been listed in the same HG categories as used by HM Revenue and Customs.

This report was commissioned by:

Valuation for the purpose of Probate:
relating to household and personal goods at

Please note that we could not determine the exact contents of all cupboards as we would have wished due to the method used to fill them and time
limitations. However the observation of the contents we could manage to see  led us to determine that they were mainly likely to be of landfill disposal quality.

                             Page 1
Report continuation :

                               YES        NO
Motor vehicles, Motor cycle, Caravan, Aeroplane, Boat, Other                


Manufacturer        model        Year of Manufacture

Registration number        Condition        Value

                                YES         NO
HG5              Jewellery                                        

HG6              Item                                               Description        Value

HG9              Antiques, works of art, paintings, sculptures, porcelain,   
glass, silver, collections                

HG10             Item                                               Description        Value

                                 Page 2
Report continuation :

                                 YES        NO
HG13         Other Household and personal                

Item                                               Description        Value

HG17           Total     HG2
Total     HG6
Total     HG10
Total     HG13        
Total Value                                  

Name: Signed:                              (Partner)     


I have personally examined and appraised the articles scheduled above and in my opinion the figures given represent their value for the purpose specified
and are valid only for their stated purpose. Values given are based on either prices current at the above-mentioned date or on estimated prices at that date.
This valuation also takes cognisance of current market forces and of the relevant reference information available to hand. As many of the values included are
by the nature of the market estimates none of them are guaranteed.
How much does it cost?

The cost is not determined by the quantity of items to be assessed. We will charge £250.00 but it will be Refunded if we are commissioned to
do a subsequent property clearance.
When can the valuation be done?

We always give valuations for deceased’s estates a priority (within 48 hours)  for the following reasons.

Security    -- an empty property is a risk and ideally expensive items should be removed as quickly as possible. We can also arrange a speedy
total contents clearance where there is a security risk.
Lack of Insurance    - most normal contents insurance lapses shortly after the policyholders death.
Helping family members    - the sooner the valuation documents are finalised the sooner assets can be divided fairly.
Example of paperwork handed to
Executor as per that used by HMRC
A deceased estate can be a stressful matter for family members to deal with.  It is our policy that a partner has total
involvement with all aspects of a deceased estate house clearance.  Do as much or as little as you WANT to. We can remove
everything (including clothing and personal items) if that makes the job less onerous for you. Call us in early and let our
experience advise you, especially about the legal aspects of valuing and disposing of items.  Document shredding is automatic.
Our aim is to make the whole process as stress free as possible.
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Town or Country
House Clearance
(North Yorkshire)
A Customer Review and Testimonial received from Winkworth, the estate agents in York, who commissioned Town or Country Clearance to conduct a probate
evaluation. They were acting on behalf of a large firm of Solicitors,
Ware and Kay of York, Wetherby, Harrogate and Leeds. Winkworths said: "I write re xxx
Drigthorpe Road York, YO24 1LF and your recent visit to the property to value the contents for probate. I confirm the valuation was instructed by xxxxxxx  of Ware
and Kay Solicitors.   The request was for the contents to be valued at open market value.

Thank you very much for your assistance with this matter, we would have no hesitation in working with you in respect of this and other future cases and will strongly
recommend your services.   Yours sincerely   Jamie      Winkworth (york)"
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