Town or Country
House Clearance
(North Yorkshire)
5)   Why do you prefer to view before quoting to clear a property?

Because we don't want to put the onus on you to get the following details right and then if you make a mistake perhaps use it as reason for increasing the fee
-  as some of our competitors do.

The type and size of property (i.e. terraced, semi - detached, detached, mansion, block of flats, residential accommodation etc.)

Number of halls, dining or reception rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms etc.   Any lofts, cellars, sheds, garages or outbuildings and their contents

COMPLETE and ACCURATE details of all the following:
1)  any big, unusual, heavy or awkward pieces of furniture or contents (pianos etc.). The quantity of small items that need sorting and boxing.
2)  household appliances which need disconnecting (washers, cookers etc.)
3)  items of furniture that need dismantling.
4)  fixtures and fittings which need removal (carpets, curtains etc.)
5)  harmful substances or contents (hypodermic needles, asbestos, chemicals, oil, bleach, etc
6)  any verminous waste or decaying food.
7)  any items requiring specialist recycling - fridges, freezers, TVs, computers,  monitors, batteries, neon lighting, paint, tyres, etc  
8)  pieces of furniture or contents (including fixtures and fittings) which need to stay
9)  any cleaning that is required.
10) parking and access to the property and any entrance restrictions.

WE do not need to have clauses making the Client fully responsible for ensuring all information is correct and that no information is knowingly or otherwise withheld
and then penalising the client if they get it wrong.
1)    What do we have to clear ourselves?

As little or as much as you WANT to. We can remove everything (including clothing and personal items) if that makes the job less onerous for you. Call us in
and let our experience advise you, especially about the legal aspects of disposing of items.  It is our policy that a partner has total involvement with all
aspects of a deceased estate clearance. Shredding of unwanted documents is automatic.  
4)     Are you licensed and insured to conduct house and commercial clearances?

Yes, we are fully licensed with the Environmental agency.   Registration number CB/NE5298SY .    Our insurance includes public and employee liability and covers
possible damage to a client's property when removing from the premises.
7)   What do you charge for a house clearance or commercial property clearance?

No two properties or their contents are the same. Consequently there is no norm. It would be so easy if there was.  

We incur labour and transport costs and are charged tipping fees. We need to recoup these costs and make a profit.

In the majority of cases the second hand value of items in the property reduces the fees in one of the following three ways:

If the second hand value
a) exceeds the costs so we pay the client
b) equals the costs so we remove everything for free
c) is lower than costs but reduces the fee in an agreed way.

Of course there may be no second hand value in which case there is no fee reduction and the total fee is payable.

The other considerations are:  how long will the sorting, boxing or bagging, and manhandling onto the luton box van for a two person team take. How long will
transportation to the waste transfer station take and then add on the time taken unloading into relevant receptacles for re-cycling or landfill.  How much will the
tipping fee we are charged, as a commercial concern, be. Are there items such as fridges, TVs, etc with environmental charges.  

So the truthful answer to the question is it depends on the size of property, its position, and many other factors
AND the quantity and value of the items inside.  

Without an assessment we can't determine the value of items so any telephone quote is meaningless. We don't want to have get out clauses, which we abhor, to
allow us to increase any fees at invoicing.

We want to give you a
free written binding quote so please ask us to attend for a free assessment.

Our assessors have years of practical experience and, rest assured, we want to be fair and reasonable and competitive with other firms operating to our level of
service. Unless you request added elements our free quotation will be final - nothing hidden or added.

Remember the old adage
- "Anyone can do a job cheaper and worse and the person who considers price only are these men's lawful prey".  Testimonials prove
we have satisfied our clients on a cost basis, on our fairness when valuing assets and our service.
1) What do we have to clear ourselves?                                                                        2) What standard of house clearance service can I expect from Town or Country Clearance

3) What types of property do you clear when conducting a house clearance?            4)
 Are you licensed and insured to do this work?                       

5) Why do you prefer to view before quoting?                                                              6)  What if we want a quote without the initial assessment?  

7) What do you charge for a house clearance?                                                              8)   How do we pay?                                                                           

9) How do we arrange for a house clearance?                                                                        10)
 Do I have to be there during the property clearance?

11) How do you clear and leave a property?                                                                12)  What Legal Requirements rest on a Property owner?

13) Where do the contents from the house clearance go?                                           14)  Can I nominate a charity?

15) How much is recycled?
                                                                                                                          16)  Do you buy items?                                                                    

17) Is there another way to deal with items of value?                                                 18) What happens if there is excess waste left over?           

19) How about probate valuation and house clearance?                                              20) There is a vehicle included in the estate. Can you deal with this?

21) How do you deal with confidential documents and items of a personal nature?                                                                    

22) I am not in the area. Can you help?                                                                        23)  I am not in the UK at the moment. Is that a problem?

24) The property to be cleared has become dirty, neglected and insanitary. Can you deal with these problems?

25)  What additional services do you offer?                                                                 26)  Why not use a skip?
9)How do we arrange for a house clearance or a commercial property clearance?

You contact us by telephone on 0800 988 3209 or on 07788 829861 email We visit the property at a time
convenient to you or your agent -  (or see box below).

A FREE assessment of what you’d like done is made - usually taking twenty to thirty minutes. An all inclusive and set, no hidden extras quote is then given in
writing. If all is agreeable a second appointment is then made for when you’d like the work to be done - this could even be the next day, or at a later more
convenient date.
At the appointed time and place our staff arrive promptly to carry out the work in one continuous process.

10)  Do we have to be there during the property clearance?

No, we are quite happy to obtain the keys from a neighbour, from a designated agent or other agreed method. We will return the keys in
the same way.
Many of our customers have just left us to do the job while they sort out other matters, especially where deceased estates are concerned.
Sometimes people can become quite emotional seeing the belongings of a loved one being taken away from the property and find the whole
experience distressing.

11)  How do clear and leave the property?

We remove everything as contracted, including carpets and curtains if necessary, and either hoover or sweep through as approptriate

12)  What Legal Requirements rest on Property Owner?

The reason that the information below is mentioned is that most private individuals do not realise they have a duty of care to ensure that the
waste from the property is handled by a registered carrier and is handled properly.

The Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England & Wales) Regulations 2005 introduced a duty on householders. Under this duty,
householders are required to take reasonable measures to ensure that household waste produced on their property is passed on to an
authorised person. If waste is fly tipped or disposed of in some other unlawful way and the waste is traced back to a particular household,
the householders could be fined up to £5000.

There is a minimum charge of £150 for half a tonne and £300 for up to one tonne of waste sent to a recycling centre and or landfill.
Certain types of waste incur an environmental charge when disposed of by a commercial concern. These include fridges,freezers, televisions,
computer equipment, paint, florescent tubes, batteries etc. Town or Country indicate where there is a charge on the quote.

13)  Where do the contents from the house clearance go?

tems with a value are placed, after advice from an independent assessor, where they maximise income for you.

Clothing goes to charity. Bedding goes to animal shelters.  Unsaleable but usable furniture is donated to a community store. Working electricals are donated to a
community store.  Recyclable items go to local recycling depot.  The rest, unfortunately, goes into landfill.

14)   Can I nominate a specific charity.

We have a rolling system so that most charities have a share, although there are only a small number who deal with larger items. We will happily follow your wishes if
practical. You should understand that charities use this as a method of raising funds and therefore they have quality controls in place and will be choosy as to what
they will accept. They also have to abide by legal requirements as to fire and electrical safety.

15)   How much and what  is Recycled?

Our minimum target is the recycling of 80% of everything we process, a goal we have achieved in recent years.

We recycle metal, wood, glass, paper, cardboard, tv's, fridges, paint, neon lights, tyres, and even china/ porcelain is used as hardcore in buildings or roads. We
are serious about diminishing the amount going into the ground as landfill.

16)   Do you buy items?

Yes, if we deem them to have a value and they form part of a clearance.   Be aware that modern items have low or no second hand values. People can
buy new relatively cheaply.

17)   Is there another way to deal with items of value?

Auction houses limit what they will accept and will be choosy. This means that it is not unusual for an Auction House and a House Clearance concern to both be
involved in a property clearance.

We regularly recommend, based on experience, that the best option for some items is auction.  In this case we will agree a fee basis with you and transport the
items to the auction house. The Auction House will send the funds directly to you.  We will then charge to clear the remainder.

18)    What happens if there is excess waste left over?

We consider this a strange question! Why would we not remove everything as agreed. BUT one of our competitors answers like this -
" any excess waste left over once the van is full will be placed by us in a skip arranged for you free of charge but paying for the skip hire
and any permit that may be necessary is your responsibility".  Surely this is an added extra.  
WE quote for the total job and that quote is set - we don't do added extras. We don't have excess waste.

19)  How about probate valuation and house clearance?

It is our policy that a partner has total involvement with all aspects of a deceased estate clearance. He will advise and assist you with all types of probate matters,
and it is much the same as a normal property clearance but there are usually some legal procedures to follow such as Written Probate Valuation.
If you instruct us to clear your property, we will provide a written probate valuation of the contents and chattels, without charge.

20)   There is a vehicle included in the estate. Can you deal with this as well?

Yes. We can arrange for the removal and disposal of all types of vehicles, irrespective of condition, or organise their purchase if applicable, as required. This includes
Caravans, Motorhomes, Motor Bikes and even Boats

21)   How do you deal with confidential documents and items of a personal nature?

These items are always handled with the utmost discretion and by a Partner. If required, we destroy them by shredding and provide a written
confirmation of this action. If during a clearance we  find items such as photographs or documents of importance, these will be retained
for your perusal and authorisation before disposal.

22)   I am not in the area. Can you help?

Many house and commercial clearances are conducted on behalf of clients we have never met. We attend the property with your agent, assess the job, send a
written quote (often by email), and when the task is completed provide photographs of the cleared property and receive
payment.    See our testimonials page for examp

23)   I'm not in the UK at the moment. Can you help?

Yes, we are able to assist with international enquiries and have the experience and necessary facilities available for individuals and companies requiring our services
while abroad.

24)   The property to be cleared has become dirty, neglected and insanitary. Can you deal with these problems?

Yes. This is not an unusual circumstance especially where the former occupants had a long period of illness or infirmity. The property clearance
happens as normal and a specialist team deep cleans Kitchens,  Bathrooms and other areas as required.

We can arrange garden clearance and generally tidy up the whole property, leaving it ready for immediate sale or transfer

25)  What additional services do you offer?

If requested, we can value chattels for probate valuation. We also work with auction houses to maximise asset values and clear the property of remaining items. We
also arrange drainage of central heating and water tanks to prevent pipe bursts, or de-commission water services entirely. We can isolate all electrical systems and
change the locks thereby securing the premises. All important to protect a property likely to be empty for a while. To achieve this we offer the services of a  plumber,
electrician, CORGI gas engineer, and locksmith.  We also offer a cleaning service once a property is cleared, as well as a garden tidy up followed by long term
maintenance until sold, leased out etc.  The client deals with one organisation and receives one invoice.
3)     What types of houses or homes, or commercial property do you clear

We do clearances of flats, bungalows, houses, stately homes, palaces - any property the owners or their agents ask us to clear. We also are proven commercial
property clearance specialists - shops, offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, council and government buildings etc.
2)    What standard of service can I expect from Town Or Country when conducting a House Clearance?

We guarantee that we will always clear your property completely and leave it clean and tidy ready for sale or transfer, with the minimum of fuss.
6)   What if we want a quote for a house clearance without the initial assessment?

We will have to do what most of our competitors do as standard.   That is, not give a written quote that is set and unchangeable. We will not be able to make any
allowance for items of value.   

We will attempt, from what you tell us, to guesstimate the length of  time the job will take and will quote an hourly rate but at invoicing the cost will be the time
actually taken multiplied by the hourly rate plus the tipping fees and all environmental charges we have to pay.  

But we still don't charge VAT.
8)   How do we pay?

Payment on completion by cash, cheque or bankers draft,  Bacs Transfer, Internet Banking or Paypal.
The easiest way to have your questions answered
is to talk to one of our Partners - all with years of


But if not yet ready then below are the answers
to the most regularly asked questions.
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0800 988 3209
(Free from landline, chargeable from mobile)
(please allow up to 15 seconds for connection)

alternative Mobile 07788 829861

0800 988 3209
(Free from landline, chargeable from mobile)
(please allow up to 15 seconds for connection)

alternative Mobile 07788 829861

26)  Why not use a skip?

Average 3 bed house = at least 2 (possibly more) x 12 cu yd skips @ £250 - £300 each plus vat plus landfill tax plus council licence fee.

Imagine a three piece suite in a skip and how much room it takes. You have to decide which size  - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 cubic yards. Guess wrong and you will need
another expensive skip.  You need a permit from local council which costs. Must position it properly. Must light it at night. Other people will fill it with their junk. It is
illegal to overload it. If you do overload it the driver will refuse to take it. It is illegal to let rubbish from it escape - even if its not your rubbish.

You must provide the skip hire company with a written description of the waste in the skip.  Little or non of the items will be reused.  They will limit what you put in it
- no fridges,freezers, paint, tyres, batteries, neon lights, etc etc etc - the list seems endless.

You also have a legal duty to ensure the UK skip hire company you choose is registered with their waste disposal authority and that the firm disposes of the waste
 OH Yes - and YOU have to load it.
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Reg Number: CB/NE5298SY
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Call us today for a free assessment and a binding written quote.
WE care about all aspects of our house clearance service because it matters to YOU
We DO make an allowance for items of value
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Town or Country
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