Town or Country
                                          How to arrange a clearance

1). Call us on Freephone 0800 988 3209 or email or by using the form in CONTACT US.  
We attend the property with you, or an agent, at a convenient time -  (or see the options below)

2). The clearance is assessed and a
free all inclusive binding written quote given.
The quote will be the total amount payable.
We will advise about items that may have a value and the best way to maximise your income from the asset.
Our contacts in many sectors allow greater freedom to reduce the bill by making allowances on items you may not expect.

3). If everything is agreeable a second appointment is then made for when you’d like the clearance to be done   - the next day if
totally necessary or with 72 hours notice.

4). At the appointed time and place our staff arrive to carry out the work in one continuous process.

5). Payment is made upon the completion of work and subject to your satisfaction.

see our Frequent Questions page for answers to your questions                       
see below:

How to arrange a house clearance

The standard of service I can expect from Town or Country

Why we prefer to assess the task before quoting

What happens if you don't want an assessment first.

An alternative to a physical assessment

BEWARE - and advice on comparing quotes and service   

Householders legal duty of care and possible fine

Charges - including tipping and supplements.
The standard of service I can expect from Town Or Country

We guarantee that we will always clear your property completely and leave it tidy and ready for sale or transfer, with the
minimum of fuss and at the fee quoted.  We dispose of the waste with due diligence to legal and recycling needs.
                       We prefer to assess before quoting -  to safeguard you.   

We don't want to place the emphasis on you to assess a situation you may never have come across before.

We don't expect you to decide what is a lot or a little clutter, or how big a van WE will need and is there space for it, or how long
a job may take.

We want to give you the best price possible, not one that is hedged to take into account all the possibilities.

We consider it dishonest how some firms have hidden get out clauses allowing increases if YOU get it wrong.

We want to give a written binding quote.    If it  takes longer than thought we stand the loss.    If it takes less time than
thought we reduce the fee (in 1/2 hour segments).  

We make an allowance on items we can assess but not otherwise.

We want to give you peace of mind as to all the job entails and how we will handle it .

We are happy to put in extra effort and go those extra miles to make sure you are well served.
                                       Can we send photographs via e-mail instead?

An alternative to a physical assessment but dependant on accuracy of the photographs. We reserve the right to adjust a quote if
they mislead us as to the details of the task.  We need wide angle shots including as much of the contents as possible and not
forgetting inside cupboards, drawers, attics, garages and outbuildings.
E-mail them to
                 And what if we want a quote without any initial assessment?

In this instance we cannot give a written quote that is binding.  We will not be able to make any allowance for items of value.

We will attempt, from what you tell us, to guesstimate the length of time the job will take and will verbally quote a fee.  We
reserve the right, at invoicing, to amend the fee to take into account the actual time taken plus the tipping fees and any  
environmental or other charges we have to pay.       
But no VAT.
When comparing websites watch out for web pages that say one thing and a page of "terms and conditions" in small print
and in another place (usually not obvious) which contradict or allow increases in price.  
Always make sure you receive written confirmation of the quote.
                    When comparing service and getting quotes ask the following.

Are you registered with the environment agency and have full liability insurance?

Are you local to us or based elsewhere and trying to cover a massive area (even nationwide)? One company uses many websites
implying they are based in specific towns but are really only based in one City not even in Yorkshire.

Will one person be my point of contact and be involved from beginning to end?

Can we see testimonials from satisfied clients?  

Will you clear all the contents or are you limited to how much you can carry?

Is the quote set in all circumstances or are there any circumstances where I may have to pay more?

Do you charge VAT and is it included in quoted price?  Do you give an allowance for saleable items?

If I have to make an assessment of the size of vehicle required what happens if I underestimate?
(0ne competitors answer is " If there is any excess waste left over once the van is full we will arrange for a skip to be delivered
which we will fill for you free of charge, but you will have to pay for the skip hire and any permit that may be
For our answers to these and other questions click on FREQUENT QUESTIONS
0800 988 3209
(Free from landline, chargeable from mobile)
(please allow up to 15 seconds for connection)

alternative mobile 07768067433

                                                        Client Testimonial

Thank you for your excellent house clearance service at my Fathers former residence in Terrington. All very professional and
completely satisfactory.    Yours sincerely.     Paul R Farrer
Past clearances show a 80% plus recycling rate of wood, metal,
glass, cardboard, neon lighting, paint, fridges, textiles, TVs,
batteries, etc at pro - recycling sites
All clothing, bedding and unsaleable but usable furniture and
white goods are given to charity or animal shelters. We will
follow your wishes to favour a particular organisation.
In House
Unmarked vans for discretion.

Luton box vans for maximum
carrying capacity. Added trailers
for big jobs.

We load and unload it so we know
what happens to the contents
unlike when using a skip.
Electrician      Gas Technician         Locksmith
Male and Female Staff      Weekend Working
Gardening -
one off or longer
term maintenance
Registered with Environment Agency
and fully licensed to carry waste.
Reg Number: EAN/955339
Fully Insured to the sum of £10.000,000
Environmental policy statement and
actions to ensure our operations
limit damage to the planet.
Health and Safety policy statement, a
Full Partner responsible for implementing
it and fully trained personnel.
0800 988 3209
(Free from landline, chargeable from mobile)
(please allow up to 15 seconds for connection)

alternative mobile 07768067433

A deceased estate can be a stressful matter for family members to deal with.  It is our policy that a partner has total involvement
with all aspects of a deceased estate clearance.  Do as much or as little as you WANT to. We can remove everything (including
clothing and personal items) if that makes the job less onerous for you. Call us in early and let our experience advise you,
especially about the legal aspects of valuing and disposing of items.  Document shredding is automatic.
Click here for
 Probate advice and Valuation
                                                             Householders Legal Duty of Care

Since the 21st November 2005, every householder in the UK has been placed under a duty to ensure that their waste is disposed
of properly, and in accordance with the law. Before this date, the duty only applied to businesses. Every householder is now
required to take reasonable measures to ensure that they only transfer their waste to an authorised person. An authorised
person is either a Registered Waste Carrier, or site that holds a Waste Management Licence.

The duty of care was expanded to include householders to help in the fight against fly tipping. If householders only use legitimate
contractors, they can be satisfied that their waste will be disposed of lawfully. Rogue traders will lose custom, and then be forced
to act within the law, or cease trading. Householders who fail to take reasonable measures, regardless of whether the transfer
led to the waste being fly tipped, commit a criminal offence. The maximum penalty upon summary conviction is

When arranging any waste to be collected householders should:

Ask the contractor if they are a Registered Waste Carrier, and for their registration number
Confirm that they are registered with the Environment Agency by telephone on 08708 506 506, or online at
We wish the determination of fees was as simple as saying a loft clearance costs this much or a three bedroom bungalow
will take a specific number of hours but because it isn't that simple we really need to assess the job. We need to assess it
to give you the best - and binding - quote we can.

We assess, based on past clearances, how long it will take for a two operative team to sort, bag, dismantle and manhandle the
clearance items onto a luton box van, plus the time for transportation to waste transfer station, plus the time to unload it into
relevant receptacles for recycling or landfill.  


As a commercial concern we are charged for tipping and pass this charge on. The fee is £70 for up to 500 kilograms (approx half
a van) or £120 up to 1000 Kilograms (approx a full van).

We are charged environmental charges (for the safe recycling or disposal) of specific items and pass this charge on. The items
include:                  fridge or  freezer   - small £20     Large £30                    fridge freezer   -  £35.00
 commercial, american style or stainless steel fridge/ chest freezer  -  £100 to £250
 computer monitor or small tv  -   £12.00                   large tv  or crt   -    £20.00
 tyre -  car  £6      bigger tyre  - £12
 calor gas bottles (red or blue) and fire extinguishers  - £12
 neon tubes - 50p
 tin of paint - £1  
 standard household chemicals free  but unusual chemicals will need to be assessed for a charge.  

There are supplements to the basic fee:
 saturday collections - half a day £20 -  full day £40.00  
 piano  - £100 - £150
 carpets lifted -  £80
We want to give a written binding quote.                     If it  takes longer than thought we stand the loss.  
                If it takes less time than thought we reduce the fee.
Our House Clearance service covers Rubbish Clearance, and Domestic Cleaning service for Residential, Flat, Bed sit, Residential Apartment, Sheltered Accommodation,
Garage Junk Clearance, Garden shed rubbish removal, Loft, attic, Mansion , Country House, school, church, government building, council buildings etc.
We conduct house clearances and clear properties in LEEDS, York, Harrogate, Leeds, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Thirsk, Malton, Selby, Wetherby, Knaresborough,
Tadcaster, Market Weighton, Easingwold, Pocklington, Boston Spa, Stamford Bridge. North Yorkshire. West Yorkshire. Specialists in house clearance, contents
clearance, contents disposal. and clearing houses.
We are a local house clearance company based in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Thirsk, Malton, Selby, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Tadcaster,
Market Weighton, Easingwold, Pocklington, Boston Spa, Stamford Bridge.    We specialise in residential and commercial property contents clearance.
We are experts in end of tenancy clearance, clearing a house for probate, end of lease contents removal, or emptying a vacant property. We take away contents or
do waste claerance. We dispose of waste, jettison junk, purge properties of their contents, and discard unwanted items. When clients want removal or scrapping or
purging we remove, scrap or purge.  Deceased estates and probate valuation or house contents valuing a speciality.
We offer the following service of - House clearance and Domestic Residence Clearance, Deceased Estate Clearance, Probate valuation as well as Office, Factory,
Warehouse, Shop Contents Clearance, Government and Council Building Clearance, End of Tenancy Clearance and Filthy and/or Vermin infested Property Clearance.
Our other services include  Property Cleaning Service ,  Rubbish Collection and  Waste Removal. We have Garden Tidy up and Maintenance Service - Gas Technician
a Plumber,  an Electrician and a Locksmith
We do house clearance and clear the contents from all types of property such as a detached house, semi detached house, terraced house, bungalow, flat,
retirement apartment, apartment, mansion, stately home, and a palace.
HQ Address

Unit 11, Home Farm
Wighill Park
Featherbed Lane
LS24 8BN
Registered with Environment
Agency and fully licensed to
carry waste.
Reg Number: EAN/955339
95% of house clearance quotes
accepted after free assessment.
Fully Insured
up to £10
The truthful answer is maybe or maybe not

In any form of clearance we incur costs. These are labour, transport and we pay tipping fees.
We need to recoup these costs and make a profit.

In the majority of cases the second hand value of items reduces our fees.

a) the value exceeds the costs so we pay the client
b) the value equals the costs so we remove everything for free
c) the value is lower than costs but reduces the fee in an agreed way.

Of course there may be no second hand value so no fee reduction.

So the answer to the question is it depends on the size of property, its position, and many other factors
AND the quantity, quality and value of the items inside.
Without an assessment we can't determine the value of items so any telephone quote is meaningless.

We want to give you a
written binding quote so please ask us to attend for a free assessment.

Fill out our
CONTACT US form on this link

Remember the old adage - "Anyone can do a job cheaper and worse and the person who considers price alone are these men's lawful prey".
Our testimonials prove we have satisfied our clients on a cost basis, on our fairness when valuing assets and our service.  
Do we pay for a house clearance?